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Buying glasses used to be an ordeal for me, because I was never happy with the frames I selected and never happy with how much I paid. Since I've been using Bronni Vision Boutique, almost 10 years now, I feel like I have a personal shopper, who keeps my style in mind when new glasses cross her desk. When I come in, Leanna has pulled a selection for me to try, and she's quick to point out if something doesn't work for me. Leanna's honest and helpful: what a relief! I've been happy with every frame I've purchased from BVB, and I've saved enough money to update my look more often.

~Jennifer M.
Buffalo, NY

This has been the most fun I have ever had picking out glasses. It was always such an annoyance before staring at the racks and racks of glasses trying to figure out which would look good. It's not like buying a shirt that you can just change or get rid of if it doesn't fit or look just right. Leanna has such a different approach, I sat while she looked at me, talked to me & chose glasses that she thought would fit me, both shape & personality. I ended up with a pair that I would have never chosen to try on, much less buy & I love them. I am complimented on them all of the time, even by people who ordinarily notice little. She has a real knack for putting the right frames on a face. I had some issues with fit, the fault of my head I think, but going back for adjustments are never a problem, she has happily worked with me to get them perfect. The prices are so good that I was able to get prescription sunglasses, something I had coveted for years but never could afford! So now I am spectacle stylish inside & out. I will never go back to the typical optical shopping.

Grosse Ile, MI

Thank you SO much for the wonderful service and the stylish quality glasses. I love my new glasses and magnetic shades and so does Dustin. I am very excited you had a product Dustin could also use for hockey. He would not wear his glasses when he played because of uncomfortable fit with the helmet and fogging issues. With the new sports glasses, they are comfortable under the helmet, no fogging and he can now see the puck...and I swear he's skating faster! Thanks for all your help to make our vision better!

My Best,
Kathy Kane
Trenton, MI

I want to thank you for my new image. Your help in choosing my glasses was great because not only were they great frames to enhance my look but you also made sure I had the type of lenses that would help people see my eyes and not some strange glare. In my line of business this is extremely important. I never realized that the right pair of glasses and lenses would not only help me see better but also help people see me better. That was huge in my book and I'm very grateful for your expertise and knowledge that gave me a more professional image in the eyes of my clients. Plus you saved me $300 at the same time. A double win in my book! Thanks Again...

Mark Fromm
Southgate, MI

Everywhere I go, people stop me and say "Wow, where did you get your glasses?" When my daughter, Rachel and I are shopping together, it's doubled! We hear "both your eyeglasses are so beautiful!!"  Thank you very husband will definitely be getting his next glasses from you, too.

Michele G.
Grosse Ile, MI